When Election Results are Shown, and Who Can See Them

ElectionBuddy offers 3 options in terms of displaying election results to voters. You can adjust these settings in the "Details" stage of your election setup:

  • Only after the election has ended
  • Any time after the election starts
  • Don't allow voters to view the results

As well, election administrators can be prevented from viewing results during the election by choosing the setting "Election administrator may view the election results - only after the election has ended"

You can also edit whether election results can be seen by the voters after the election starts:

  • Once you are logged in, choose the election; from the actions menu, click on the "Results" option
  • In the results page > Actions menu > Choose the "Results Link"
  • Click on "Hide Results" to disable the public result link if the public result is enabled, OR click "Show Results" to enable the public result link if the public result is disabled

Please note: you can only change whether voters can see the results. The selection made regarding whether the administrator can view the results cannot be changed after the election begins.

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