When Notices are Emailed to Voters

If the election administrator has chosen a manual notice distribution method (i.e. printed notices or "Create Notices Yourself"), then it's up to the administrator as to when they'd like to distribute the notices. For notices that are distributed through Electionbuddy, it depends on when your election is scheduled to start.

For email and SMS notices, the notices are sent out as soon as your election reaches its scheduled start time. If your election does not have a chance to sit in a "Ready to Run" stage (i.e. you did not set it up in advance - you set it up and started it all in the same go), the notices will take a few minutes to generate, but will be sent out as soon as they are generated. Otherwise, if your election sits in a "Ready to Run" stage, the notices are generated and queued - queued notices are waiting to be sent out at your election's scheduled start time. 

Please note that, depending on the load on the Electionbuddy queue, your notices may be slightly delayed in getting sent. Please contact us if you have been waiting over an hour for your notices to be sent out. 

For postal notices, the notice information is sent to our printing company at your election's start time, unless you have set up a delay to allow voters to attempt to vote electronically first. Your voter list will tell you when the mail is expected to be delivered, and if your voter has a US address, you can track the postcard in the mail. We do not guarantee arrival dates for postal notices.

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