Supported Election Types

Electionbuddy tries to cater to as many voting-type requirements as possible! Elections supported include:

  • First Past the Post (or Plurality Voting) - Vote for 1 or more candidates for each position
  • Preferential Voting - Rank each candidate for each position.
  • Approval Voting - Approve or disprove each candidate for a position
  • Referendums - Ask a question that requires a Yes/No response
  • Election Announcements and Candidates Nomination - Announce an election and allow voters to suggest candidates. Electionbuddy will pull the nominations into a ballot for a future election!
  • Cumulative Voting (COMING SOON!) - Voters are allowed a certain number of votes, and can choose to put more than one vote for each option.

For more information on these election types, visit our tour page!

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