Duplicating or Copying an Election

Duplicating an election comes in handy when you have a structure that you like, and you want to use it again.

Or if you have different voter groups that vote for 1 position, but then you want to add others (eg. everyone votes for a class president, but only 1st years vote for the 1st year rep, and 2nd years vote for 2nd year rep).
To duplicate an election:
  • Log in to your  ElectionBuddy  account
  • Identify the election you want to manage, and from its Actions menu, choose the "Duplicate" link.

A new election will be created as a duplicate of your old one.  Please ensure you update and review election details such as the start and end date. You will also need to review the  ballots and  candidate profiles. 
As well, if you want to use an existing voter list, you can access a previous elections voter list from the voter setup page. 

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