Add an extra layer of security with Two-factor authentication

ElectionBuddy allows you to increase voter integrity by verifying the voter with a text message or voter password. We recommend you to use Two-factor authentication to restrict proxy voting and add an extra layer of security.

  • Text message: Provide cell phone number of each voter, and ElectionBuddy will send them a verification message with a secret code, which they have to enter while submitting their ballot.
  • Voter password: You can present a password for each voter, which is only known to the voter. For example, membership id, birth date, and house number. You can add a prompt message to let the voters know what information they should enter and in which format, for example. "Enter your membership id in <format> format".

To enable Two-Factor Authentication:

  • During the election setup, in the voter list page, under the voter options, select "Two Factor Authentication".
  • Select whether you want to use "Phone Verification" or "Voter Password"
  • Select your preferred voter list import option. For example, you choose "Copy and paste or type a voter list" option in the voter information section.
  • If you selected "Phone Verification", then you will be asked to enter cell phone numbers, and if you selected "Voter Password" then you will be asked to enter voter password for each voter.
  • Copy and paste the voter list, assign a specific group name to each voter as per the segment they belong to, and click on "Validate list" to verify the voter list. 

  • Complete the voter list setup, review and launch the election.

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