Positions and Questions setting options

Shuffle Order

Each voter will be presented with a ballot that randomizes (shuffles) the order of candidates or questions. This removes the Ballot Order Effect on voting results (where the first candidate or question is more likely to be selected than the lower-ordered candidates).

Voter 1 Voter 2 Voter 3


A voter can enter their own voting choice as a candidate or option.

Abstain Option

A voter can choose not to vote for any option or candidate by selecting “Abstain” when they submit their vote. This can mean the voter does not find the options or candidate presented to be suitable for the position. Abstain does not affect the vote negatively or positively, but the election results will show how many voters chose to abstain.


A voter can enter their own comments or notes in addition to answering the question. This can be helpful in collecting voter opinions, feedback and suggestions. All submitted comments will be displayed with the election results.

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