Different Voter Statuses Explained

ElectionBuddy will mark a voter depending on the different voter statuses as explained below:

  • Spoiled: When the election administrator has spoiled the ballot before the voter submitted their ballot.

  • Voted;Spoiled: When the ballot was spoiled by the administrator after it was submitted.

  • Undeliverable: If Electionbuddy was not able to send email / SMS / postal notice because of an error (for more details on "Undeliverable" notices, please see our article on that specific topic). 

  • Voted: If the voter has submitted the ballot.

  • Not Voted: If the voter has not submitted the ballot but the notice is already delivered.

  • Queued: When the notice is queued.

  • Available: When you are using manual access keys and a key is not yet assigned to a voter.

  • Key Surfaced: If the election administrator has surfaced the access key of a voter.

  • Printed: If the notice was printed.

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