Sending an Email Reminder to your Complete Voter List

ElectionBuddy allows you to send an email reminder to all your voters. You schedule the email reminders, allowing you to set reminders that will automatically be sent for you when the scheduled time comes.

To send an election-wide reminder:

  • Click on your election's name to go to your election results page
  • Click on "Actions" menu, located in the top right
  • Click on the "Reminders" link.

  • This will open a window where you can click on the "Add reminder" button to schedule the reminder and click on "Edit Template" to edit the reminder template.

  • Set the reminder date and click on the "Save" button to schedule the reminder.

Please note: ElectionBuddy will only send the reminder to voters who have not voted, as there is no point in reminding those that have already voted. The number of reminders you can send depends the election package you have purchased; please visit for more details.

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