Testing Electionbuddy Features

Electionbuddy is traditionally a self-service software. This means that you have to do your due diligence when setting up your election. To this end, in addition to our knowledge base (what you're in right now!), we offer test elections. When running a test election, you can test all of Electionbuddy's features, free of charge. This means that you can test until you've got your setup nailed down, and never have to pay a cent until you go to launch your real election!

Five voters are eligible to participate in a test election. 

To set up a test election:

  • Once you have logged in, create a new election.
  • On the "Details" page of setup, in the "Information" section, select "This is a test election".

  • Complete the election setup using any or all the premium features!

When your test election is complete, and if you've produced your ideal election setup, you can duplicate the election to quickly and easily re-use the setup for your real election! Just remember to un-check "This is a test election" on the "Details" page of your duplicated election if you would like to use a voter list with more than five voters.

For a list of the feature set included with each election package, please refer to our pricing guidelines.

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