Multiple Election Administrators Within One Electionbuddy Account

You can add multiple administrators within an organization and allow all the administrators to access the organization's elections. To access this feature, you must have an annual account or have paid for a 2500 person election or above.  

Prior to adding new administrators to your account, each administrator will create their own Electionbuddy account using, and the owner or organization administrator "invites" them to an organization.

To add new administrators an organization:

  • Have each administrator that you want to attach to your account create their own account using The organization name they use when setting up the account must be different from your own (see note below).
  • You will then "invite" them to join your organization, so that they can access your account privileges and payment options.

To invite another Electionbuddy user to your account:

  • Login to your Electionbuddy account.
  • Select the "Organizations" link (located in the top menu bar).
  • Select the "Edit" button next to the organization you'd like to add another administrator to.
  • Choose "Add Administrator".
  • Add the email address of the administrator.
  • Choose the type of administrator (i.e. the level of permission you want them to have): Election Administrator or Organization Administrator.
    • Election administrators can create elections under your account. They cannot see elections that are created on the main account; they can only see elections created under theirs.
    • Organization administrators can create elections and also edit, add, or remove users  under  your organization. They can view all elections associated with the main account.

The person will then receive an email inviting them to your account, and they will be able to create elections under your account.

A note about organization names: the person who will be joining your account as a new administrator cannot use the same organization name that the main account is under when setting up their account, or else they will not be able to be invited to join.

You can have multiple organizations associated with a single Electionbuddy account, and each time you go to set up an election, you choose what organization you want the election to belong to on the "Details" page of election setup (you may not have noticed this before if you only have one organization on your account; you don't have to choose if you only have one).

The organization name that they sign up with needs to be different from yours so that way elections can be assigned to the correct organization when they are using their account. If they signed up with the same organization name as you, but only your version of the organization name has an upgraded billing account attached to it, how will the administrator know which organization name to use when they are setting up an election? They have to use the one with the billing account attached, so this prevents any ambiguity as to which organization to use.

Our recommendation is to have your other administrators create their accounts using the acronym for your organization as their organization name. That way, they are technically using your organization as their organization as well, but you can differentiate them. 

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