Results Sharing in Electionbuddy

Results can be shared with voters in a few ways:

  1. Results Link:
    1. Click on that option to obtain a shareable link. This link leads the user to the results page of your election in Electionbuddy so that way the user can view the results of the election.
    2. This shareable link can be sent via your personal email program, or included on your organization's website.
    3. Please note that you will need to have results available for viewing by your voters when you share the link. If you do not do this, your voters will see a 404: Page Not Found error. If you want to make results public to share the link, the window that opens with the link has a button that allows you to toggle that setting. 
  2. Send Results:
    1. Click on that option to send an email or SMS message with the results link to your entire voter list. 
    2. Please note that this option is only available if your voters are eligible to view results. See the above Results Link instructions for instructions on how to toggle the setting that controls whether results are viewable to your voters. 

When your voters will be able to view the results does depend on the settings you have chosen during your election setup; please see our related article on when election results are shown, and who can see them for more details.

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