Computer and Browser Requirements for Voting and Election Administration

ElectionBuddy is tablet, smartphone, and computer-friendly. It is also cross-browser and cross-device compatible. Electionbuddy does require JavaScript to be enabled in your browser for both election administrators and voters. Electionbuddy also uses cookies; you may experience difficulties with some of Electionbuddy's functionality if you have cookies disabled.

  • As the election administrator, a large majority of the election setup process will require JavaScript. You may even experience an error while trying to pay for your election with JavaScript disabled, meaning you will have difficulties trying to get your election started on time if you leave it disabled!
  • For voters and people that want to vote, they will be required to use a browser that has JavaScript enabled. To help inform voters that they need to have JavaScript enabled on their browser, a warning message will appear if Electionbuddy senses that a voter's browser has JavaScript disabled.

If your JavaScript on your browser is disabled, please enable it, or use a different browser.

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