When Election Results are Shown, and Who Can See Them

Electionbuddy allows you to customize  when the results can be seen, and what is shown in the results. This can be customized for both the election administrator and the voters, and is done so on the first page of your election setup, the "Details" stage. 

There are three settings that control this information. 

Voter Anonymity Settings

When proceeding through the "Details" page, the first setting you will encounter is the setting that controls what is shown in the "Results" area:

With this setting, you control whether the voter's choices are visible with the results, and to whom they are visible. You can choose to either hide them entirely (as is required by many organizations' bylaws and governing legislature), show them just to the election administrator, or to show them to anyone who accesses the "Results" page of your election. This setting is non-adjustable once your election is running - so choose wisely!

Election Administrator and Voter Result Viewability

The second and third settings address when the results can be seen. The second setting asks when the election administrator can view the results - either while the election is running, or not until the election is over:

This setting is also non-adjustable when your election is running. 

The third setting asks when the voters can view the results, if at all:

Changing Your Voters' Ability to View the Results

This setting, unlike the first two, can be changed while your election is running. To do so:

  • Once you are logged in, click on the election to be brought to the election's "Results" page. 
  • Click on the "Actions" menu in the top right, and from there, click "Results Link".
  • A window will appear with your results link, as well as a button. Click on "Hide Results" to disable the public result link if the public result is enabled, OR click "Show Results" to enable the public result link if the public result is disabled.

The results link can be taken from that window and inserted into an email, or on your organization's website, in order to share the results with your voters.

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