Proxy Voting

You can  set up  an election to encourage proxy voting in the "Notice" stage of your election setup.

When you select "Email Notices", the option "Allow Proxy Voting" appears. When this option is selected, the notification  text is automatically changed to include instructions on proxy voting for your voters. Voters can assign their votes to other voters via a request to their election administrator, too!

You can increase election integrity by verifying the voter who wants to assign their proxy. Simply enable "Two Factor Authentication" and choose whether you want to send the voter a text message to a known mobile phone, or ask them to enter a voter password or credentials. See the related article on "Two-Factor Authentication" for more information on this feature!

You can also use a workaround if you want to allow for proxy voting, but want to monitor whose vote is cast via a proxy, and who submitted the ballot on your voter's behalf. You can do so by setting up a final ballot question on your ballot, similar to the one built below:

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