Adding Voters to the Voter List After the Election Has Started

You can plan ahead for voters that will join your organization, and consequently become eligible to vote, after your election has already begun. You must reserve keys for these voters (for instructions on how to reserve keys for potential voters, please see  Adding Extra Access Keys for Voters Who Join Your Organization After the Election Opens). This article will walk you through how to assign these keys to new voters.

Reserve access keys do not factor into results until you assign them to voters.
  1. Click on your election's name to go to your election results page
  2. From the right hand "Actions", menu click on "Add Extra Voters":

  3. You will be taken to a new page where you can enter the required information for your voter (the information required will vary based on your setup). You can add multiple new voters at once, in the same way that you added them when you were setting up your election (by copying and pasting or typing them in):

  4. After you have entered your voters into the table, click on the "Validate list" button to validate your list. If there are any errors, ElectionBuddy will flag them for you; click the "Download list" button to export your list and view the errors. Fix the errors to continue.
  5. Once your list passes validation, click the "Save and Exit" button to finish adding the voters. ElectionBuddy will send them notices (if using email, SMS, or postal notices) as soon as the voters are successfully added.

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