Adding Voters to the Voter List After the Election Has Started

You can plan ahead for voters that will join your organization, and consequently become eligible to vote, after your election has already begun. Electionbuddy allows you to plan ahead in two different ways - manual access keys, or reserve access keys. These are both set up in the election setup, in the "Voters" stage. The main difference between them is that a manual key can be used for a voter that does not have contact information; to use a reserve key, you need to have a piece of contact information from the voter. This should be kept in mind when planning ahead for your additional voters - if you aren't sure as to whether they will have contact information, go with manual keys. 

The specific procedure to add voters using these keys is different between the types of keys. Here are the steps for each type of key:

  • Manual access keys: 
    • Find an available manual key (you can do this by filtering by "Type - Manual") and check the box associated with that key 
    • A drop-down list will appear to the right; click on "Add Email"
    • You will then be able to enter an email address to send the access key to
    • When you enter the email address, Electionbuddy automatically sends a notice to that voter, containing the access key
  • Reserve access keys:
    • Click on your election's name to go to your election results page
    • From the right hand "Actions", menu click on "Add Extra Voters":

    • Enter in the contact information of your voter. Electionbuddy will automatically send a notice to that voter.

Reserve/extra keys do not factor into results until you assign them to voters/surface them. For more details on how to reserve access keys in your election setup, please refer to our article on adding access keys to your election for voters who join after the election begins.

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