Editing a Voter's Contact Information After the Election Has Started

ElectionBuddy allows you to resend an email or SMS notice to a voter if their original notice was not delivered due to incorrect (or out-of-date) contact information.
You can only edit a voter's contact information twice, and keeps a log of changes made to a voter's contact information, in case you need an audit trail. This is to help maintain your election integrity.
  • Access the "Results" page of your election.
  • Find the email or cell phone number you are looking for by searching through your voter list manually, or by entering their email address/phone number in the search field. 

  • Select the voter and click on "Edit Email" or "Edit Phone Number" from the drop-down list that appears.

  • After entering the new contact information, click on "Update". ElectionBuddy will automatically resend the email or SMS notice to the voter.

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