Spoiling a Ballot

Our "Spoil Ballot" option is used in the voter list to delete a ballot so it is not included in the election results. It can also be used to remove an access key prior to its use. Once the ballot is spoiled, it cannot be unspoiled or reactivated.

For ballots of voters that have not yet voted, the key will be made invalid. For those that have already voted, the results will be removed from the election list. In both cases, after the ballots are spoiled, they will be marked as such in the voter list, so that the results are auditable. We want to ensure that your election integrity is maintained. 

For example, when conducting a board election, you could spoil ballots if:

  • You mistakenly added some member  in your voter list that are not actually eligible to vote.
  • A member does something that makes them ineligible to vote, such as quitting your organization midway through the election.

How to Spoil a Ballot

  1. Access the "Results" page of your election.
  2. Review the voter list and find the ballot that you want to spoil. You can also search for the voter by entering the email address or phone number or ballot identifier in the "Search" field. 
  3. Once you have found the ballot(s) you want to spoil, select the box of that particular ballot.
  4. An "Actions" menu will appear on the top right corner of the table - click on the "Spoil Ballot" link to spoil the ballot:

  5. Once you select this a window will pop up requesting a spoiled reason. This reason will be noted in the ElectionBuddy voter list for your election so that you can review it at any time.

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