Voter List — Viewing if Voters have Voted

The "Results" page is used to monitor your voter list to stay updated on the progress of your election: 

To view the details of each voter:

  • Log in to your ElectionBuddy  account
  • Identify the election you want to manage, and from its "Actions" menu, choose the "Voter List and Status" link. Alternatively, when the election is running, simply click on the election's name on your "All Elections" page to be brought to the "Results" page. 
  • Review the voter list. You can also search for the voter by entering their contact information in the "Search" field. 
  • You can also filter the voter list based on the notice type and status by using the dropdown menus.

You will see the status of the voter: whether they have received their notice, and if they have voted, as well as anything else important regarding that voter (like whether their ballot was spoiled, or if their contact information was updated).

Please note: if you have allowed the administrator to view election results while the election is running, and have chosen to keep voter choices anonymous, we hide the last three voters to protect their anonymity, so the election administrator can't guess results during the election. After the election end date, the last three voters status is  updated , and you can see if everyone has voted. Please see Why Not All "Voted" Voters are Showing as "Voted" in your Live Election Voter List for more details. 

For additional information on voter statuses, please see our article on  Different Voter Statuses Explained.

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