Multilingual or Bilingual Elections

Currently, Electionbuddy is exclusively offered as an English-based software. Although the majority of the text that you will interact with, as the election administrator, will be in English, you can accommodate for other languages for the parts of the election that your voters will interact with: the ballot, as well as the notice that they initially receive. 

You can include multiple languages, or a different language, by customizing the text in the following areas of your election setup:

  • On the ballot questions: any place that you can input text can include text using a different language, including candidate profiles. Some of the text, by default, will appear in English; you are welcome to include a translated version of that default text in a second language (please note that this default text cannot be changed to only have an alternative language version).
  • With "Advanced Ballot Customization" turned on, you can also change the languages on the "Verify your selection" button, the text for the verification instructions, the "Edit Ballot" button, the "Submit ballot" button, the confirmation title text, and the confirmation body text. 
  • The entire text of your notice template can be changed to include another language with "Advanced Notice Customization" turned on.
  • For reminder emails (after your election is running), the text of those emails can also be changed to include another language. 

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