Calculating the Winner — Voting and Tally Methods

Electionbuddy tries to cater to as many voting-type requirements as possible! Election systems supported include:

  • Plurality Voting (or First Past the Post Voting) — the multi-purpose voting method. Vote for one or more candidates for each position, or vote on "Yes/No" questions.
  • Preferential Voting (or Instant Runoff) — Rank each candidate for each position.
    • We also offer Single Transferable Vote (STV), which is a multi-seat preferential voting system.
  • Approval Voting — Approve or disprove each candidate/option for a position.
    • Please note that approval voting is not for ratifying a single candidate. Plurality is the correct choice for anything that requires a "Yes/No" answer. 
  • Election Announcements and Candidate Nomination — Announce an election and allow voters to suggest candidates.
  • Cumulative Voting — Voters are allowed a number of votes, up to the number of vacancies for that position, and can choose to put more than one vote for each option.
  • Scored Voting — Give each option or candidate a score on a given scale.  

For more information on these election types, visit our  tour page! If you have a specific need for another type of election method or tally method, please let us know! If we get enough requests, we will definitely consider implementing it.

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