Candidate Profiles and Photos

ElectionBuddy allows you to provide additional information about your candidates, which helps your voters make an informed decision when deciding who to vote for. Common items to include in a candidate profile are short biographies, candidate statements, and their qualifications. You can also include a photo of the candidate, and links to a candidate's website or profile online for voters to use to inform themselves about the candidates. Links to a web page with more information about the candidates is the best choice if you have a candidate that wants you to include an excessive amount of text about themselves for their profile — your candidates are usually going to try and say more about themselves than the voters actually care to read. 

To add candidate  information, click on the "Add profile" button next to the name of your candidate:

You can then add a photo, as well as text, links or other details about the candidate. You can format the text using our rich text editor: 

When a photo for your candidate is uploaded, you will have the option to adjust and resize the photo as needed.

Candidate profile photos cannot be larger than 5 MB. If your picture isn't uploading to the profile, try checking the size of your image.

On your live ballot, the picture is shown as a thumbnail next to the candidate's name. The text added turns into an "Information" link below the candidate's name that is available to be selected by the voter to get more information. This allows the  voters  who use their mobile devices to access and see the candidate's information, even when it has a large volume of text, without getting lost or overwhelmed:

As the image above indicates, you do not need profiles and photos for all your candidates — if only a few want to give a profile and picture, that's okay! 

When they click on the "Information" link, a small pop-up window will appear with the candidate's picture and profile:

Please note: clicking on the link in a candidate's profile will open up that web page in a new tab; your voters will not have to worry about being taken away from the ballot if they click the links. 

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