Ballot Identifiers (Ballot IDs)

You can assign a meaningful ballot identifier (AKA Ballot ID) to make it easier to manage voter lists and identify voters. Without a ballot identifier, voters are listed by their contact information like email, cell phone number, and/or address; Electionbuddy uses the contact information of your voter as that voter's unique identifier. If you want to have different ballot notifications go to the same email address or cell phone, then use ballot identifiers; with ballot IDs turned on, the ballot ID becomes the unique identifier associated with the voter, not the contact information. When you use multiple notification methods, ballot identifiers are mandatory. Ballot IDs are not equivalent to voter labels.

To turn on ballot IDs:

  • In your "Voters" stage of your election setup, choose "Ballot IDs".
  • Add unique identifiers for each voter in your voter list.  Examples might be your membership ID, or student ID.  Again, it must be  unique  and should be something that the voter will recognize.  
  • You can also import a list with ballot IDs for each voter already included, much in the same way as importing a regular voter list with just emails. Just ensure that the "ID" column is set up to come before your "Email Address" (or other contact info) column. 

You can help ensure that the voter recognizes the identifier that you've assigned to them by creating a grouped ballot identifier:  e.g., their full name + their membership id - "Tom Ato - 12345". 

If you want to use email addresses, phone numbers or addresses only and do not want to use ballot identifiers, you can also create manual keys for each duplicate contact information. (e.g., If four people are sharing an email address, you can use this method to generate three additional keys to be sent out.)

  • You will need to send the voters those keys yourself, and direct them to to vote.
  • To obtain sample text for the body of your manual notice, check the "printed ballot" option for some sample text that you can use for the body of your email, text message or postcard.

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