Voter List — Importing Gmail Contacts

If you use Gmail, and have contacts saved in Gmail, you can export those contacts into a CSV file, which can then be used for your voter list in ElectionBuddy. It's pretty simple, and it takes only five steps:

  1. Go to the "Contacts" tab in your G mail  account by clicking on the down-arrow beside "Mail".
  2. Select specific contacts by clicking on the checkboxes beside the contact, or to select a group, choose the "More" menu and "Export...". You will then see the following box - choose the list of contacts that you want to export:


  3. Choose the "Google CSV format" export format option, and click the "Export" button. This will save a file to your computer.

  4. Open the file within Microsoft Excel. Since CSV files are supported by Excel, you can click on the file and open it directly with Excel. If however, you come across any problems in opening it, you can solve them by importing the CSV file into Excel, choosing the "Data" tab and then the "From Text" option.
  5. Ensure that your Excel sheet has its columns of data organized to match the layout of ElectionBuddy's voter list input area.

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