Voting Groups

Voting groups can be used to categorize each voter to a group and allow groups to vote on specific questions.

If you are a big organization with offices in different regions, or a university or college, then you can set up an election for diverse groups of voters and assign specific questions to each segment.

For example, if you are running an election for your college or university, and your voters include Student representatives and Faculty members, then there will be some questions or positions which can be voted on by only the faculty members and some common positions or questions which can be voted by both the voter groups.

In such a case, you can enable voting groups and assign questions to each group:

  • In stage 4 of your election setup, "Voters",  review the collection of "Voter Options" settings, and select "Voting Groups".
  • Select your preferred voter list import option. For example, you choose "Copy and paste or type a voter list" option in the voter information section.
  • Copy and paste the voter list, assign a specific group name to each voter as per the segment they belong to, and click on "Validate list" to verify the voter list.

  • In Group Settings section, you will see the list of all the positions and questions. Assign groups to each position and question. During the voting, a particular question or position will be visible to only the voters of the designated group(s).

  • Complete the voter list setup, review and launch the election.

Please note: once the election has begun, you can update the group a voter belongs to, but you cannot change the groups assigned to a particular position or candidate.

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