Voter List — Different Voter Statuses During a Live Election

ElectionBuddy will mark a voter depending on the different voter statuses as explained below:

  • Spoiled: When the election administrator has spoiled the ballot before the voter submitted their ballot.

  • Voted;Spoiled: When the ballot was spoiled by the administrator after it was submitted.

  • Undeliverable: If Electionbuddy was not able to send email / SMS / postal notice because of an error (for more details on "Undeliverable" notices, please see our article on that specific topic). 

  • Voted: If the voter has submitted the ballot. This status, as seen with the "Spoiled" status, can be grouped together with other statuses. 

  • Not Voted: If the voter has not submitted the ballot but the notice is already delivered.

  • Opened; Not Voted: If the voter has opened the ballot but has not submitted the ballot

  • Queued: When the notice is queued.
    • Available: When you are using manual access keys and a key is not yet assigned to a voter.

    • Key Surfaced: If the election administrator has surfaced the access key of a voter.

    • Printed: If the notice was printed.

    • Unsubscribed: appears if the voter has clicked "Unsubscribe" on their email notice. They will not receive any further emails about the election, but can still vote in the election. We will also unsubscribe any voters who mark our emails as "spam" because this has a site-wide impact, and is easily avoided if organizations communicate with their members about the election before it occurs. 

    • Ballot Printed: if the administrator has printed the ballot for the voter. Because the voter's access key is also present and visible on the printed ballot, the "Key Surfaced" status is also assigned when the ballot is printed.

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