Ballot Design — "Ask for Comments"

If you want to capture comments, you can create a ballot question that will allow you to do so by turning on "Ask for Comments". The "Ask for Comments" setting is located in with the other adjustable settings on each ballot question. Only a referendum-type ballot question will allow you to capture comments from your voters.

To set up a ballot question that captures comments:

  • In the Ballot design step, Click on the "+ Add positions and question" button, and add a blank question.
  • Set the voting method to "Referendum". 
  • Add your responses and question information.
  • Enable the "Ask for comments" box in the question settings. 
  • You can also create a ballot question that only asks for comments in response to some question information by simply removing, or not adding in the first place, any pre-set responses to select from. 

Here is an example of the setup for a bylaw approval that also asks for comments that you can use to guide you through your own setup:

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