"Create Notices Yourself" — A Guide to Setting Up, and Sharing, Manual Access Keys

Don't want Electionbuddy to send notices to your voters? No problem! You can receive a list of access keys from Electionbuddy to distribute yourself. Here's how to do it:

  • When creating an election, during the "Notice" Step, choose "Create Notices Yourself". 
  • Proceed to the "Voters" page of setup. Scroll down to "Voter Information":

  • In the white box, input the number of manual keys you need. 

Then, when you start your election, you will be assigned a list of access keys. These keys will show up as "Available" in your voter list. You can surface them each individually by checking the box associated with an available manual key in your list, and choosing "Surface Access Key" from the drop-down menu that appears, or you can download a list of the keys by going to the "Actions" menu of your running election, and by choosing the "Download Keys" link from the drop-down menu that appears. 

These keys will look similar to the following: ADBC-123B-D6B6-A7BC. For more information about access keys, please visit our related articles!

When distributing the keys to your voters, you will want to direct them to our general access link for high-integrity elections,  https://electionbuddy.com/ballot. This takes them to a webpage where they are prompted to enter their access key. 

Alternatively, you can go one step further by creating ballot links (links that include the key, so one click simultaneously takes them to electionbuddy.com and authenticates them) for your voters. To do so, simply append an access key to the access link mentioned above. For example, using the sample access key above, the ballot link for that voter would be https://electionbuddy.com/ADBC-123B-D6B6-A7BC.

To share the keys and access link, or the ballot links, you can:

  • Populate a mail merge with your favorite e-newsletter or email program.
  • Use your favorite word processing program to create printed notices for each voter.

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