Voter List — Allowing for Duplicate Email Addresses

Sometimes, you have email address lists where you want to have voters that share an email address vote separately. For example, a husband and wife share an email address but are both members  in  an association, or a family owns multiple properties within a  homeowners'  association, and you want to allow them a separate vote per property. At first glance, this is an issue - the voter list in Electionbuddy requires a unique identifier for each voter, and the voters' contact information is usually what Electionbuddy registers as the unique identifier, meaning that these email addresses will appear as duplicates if you put them into the list twice:

There are two ways that you can handle this:

  1. You can give Electionbuddy a different unique identifier for each voter, in the form of a ballot identifier (also known as a ballot ID). As long as the ballot IDs for the same email addresses are different, Electionbuddy will not flag them as duplicates of each other:

    For more details on setting up a ballot ID, please review our related article on ballot IDs.

  2. If you do not want to use ballot IDs, you can request a manual access key for the duplicate email. To do so:
    1. Return to the "Notice" page of your election setup, and check the box that corresponds with "Create Notices Yourself".
    2. Proceed back to the "Voters" page of your election setup. Under the voter list input area, a new piece should have appeared:
    3. In the box indicated above, enter the number of keys that you will need, corresponding to the number of duplicate email addresses you need to account for.
    4. When your election is live, it will be your obligation to surface and share any manual access keys with your voters. To surface them, you can either:
      - Find your manual keys by filtering by "Type - Manual" on your voter list.
      - Check the box next to any "Available" manual key, and from the drop-down menu that appears, choose "Surface Access Key". 
      - Go to the "Actions" button in the top-right hand corner of the "Results" page of your running election.
      - From the drop-down list that appears, choose "Download Keys".
      - A popup window should appear with two links: click on "Download keys for voters without contact information".
    5. You can share the keys with your voters however you'd like (we just really recommend that you share them confidentially if you don't want to have a lot of unauthorized proxy voting issues). You will also want to direct your voters to This access link will take them to a screen where they will be prompted to enter their access key.

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