Accommodating Voters that Don’t Have Contact Information

In Stage 3, the "Notice" stage of setting up your election, you are able to select different ways of notifying voters to vote. You can also combine these methods - this is called a "multi-channel election". To combine notification methods, simply select more than one notice type when setting up your election.

In some situations, the same election may have a voting population with email addresses, and a voting population that does not. Electionbuddy makes it easy to include both of these populations in your single election. Let's take a look at an example:

  • Email notices have been selected for the voter population with email addresses
  • Printed notices have been selected for the voter population that does not have email addresses. Printed notices are a "do-it-yourself" type of notice - it is the election administrator's responsibility to deliver the notices. For more information on printed notices, and how to set them up properly, please refer to our related article, "Printed Notices: A How-To". 
    • "Create Notices Yourself" also works in place of printed notices; the difference is that "Create Notices Yourself" simply provides the election administrator with a list of voter keys for distribution as the administrator chooses. 
    • For more information on creating notices yourself, please refer to our related article, "Create Notices Yourself: A Guide to Setting Up, and Sharing, Manual Voting Keys". 
  • Both of the notices will contain information that will direct each voter population to the same ballot for voting. 

Please note: choosing SMS notifications or postal notifications can change the cost of your election - please refer to our pricing guidelines for more information. 

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