Downloading Voter List Information when Your Election is Running or Completed

Based upon feedback from quite a few election administrators, we have introduced a new piece of functionality that is meant to help an organization analyze their voter list based on voting statuses. Previously, if an election administrator wanted to take a look at their population of voters who haven't voted, they would have to do this directly in Electionbuddy by using the filters on their voter list. The filters sit above the voter list in your running election. Using the filters is simple: simply click and wait for the page to refresh (the time this will take depends on the size of your voter list, but should not take more than a few seconds). 

While the filters are helpful for visualizing different aspects of your list in Electionbuddy, there was no way to pull this data out from Electionbuddy and view it in Excel, for example, to do an analysis on it. So, by popular request, we have introduced the ability to: 

  • Visualize the different groups of your voters in the voter list by using the same aforementioned filters to sort your voters, and then,
  • Download a list of whatever voter subset you have filtered out in Electionbuddy.

To download, simply select the "Status" and "Type" filters that give you your ideal report, and then click on our new "Download" button:

The red box is highlighting  some of the various filters available for a voter list. The actual content of your filters will vary based on the notice types you are using ("Type"), and the different statuses your voters have, relative to the election, in the voter list ("Status"). You can use the two types of filters in tandem (for example, if you wanted to look specifically at your voters who received an email notice but have not voted), or you can search using one of the filters specifically, and then leaving the other on "All" (for example, if you wanted to see all your "Voted" voters, regardless of what notice type they were sent). 

Unsure of why you would want to download a subset of your voter list, or how you can use this information to help your organization/the election? Here are a few of the most common reasons why administrators told us they wanted to see this functionality:

  1. Voter turnout strategies: a lot of our large organizations have groups of individuals within the organization that come together with the election administrator to strategize how to reach out to more of their voters, and wanted to be able to have a list of voters who haven't voted to analyze and sort in Excel.
  2. Administrative purposes for the organization: filtering by "Undeliverable" voter notices helps an organization identify members whose contact information is out-of-date with the organization. They can then reach out to that voter to ask for updated contact information. This can also be used to increase voter turnout, as the organization can also ask the member to vote at that time as well.

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