Downloading Voter List Information when Your Election is Running or Completed

The voter list can be filtered to show you specific subsets of your voter population. This information can also be downloaded, allowing you to take this information and perform further analyses on it.

The filters sit above the voter list in your running election. Using the filters is simple: simply click on a status or type button and the page will refresh (the time this will take depends on the size of your voter list, but should not take more than a few seconds).

How to Download Voter List Information

On the "Voters" tab click on the "Download" button:

Why Download Voter List Information?

Some reasons for downloading voter list information include:

  1. Creating voter turnout strategies: analyzing voters who haven't voted may generate strategies for increasing voter turnout. 
    1. For example, an HOA might be able to notice that a specific area of the community hasn't voted very much, and can increase voter turnout efforts in that neighbourhood specifically
    2. This also helps ensure that the energy invested in getting a higher turnout is being well-spent.
  2. Administrative purposes for the organization: the information gleaned from the voter list of a running election may help the organization from an administrative purpose.
    1. For example, filtering by "Undeliverable" voter notices helps an organization identify members whose contact information is out-of-date with the organization. They can then reach out to that voter to ask for updated contact information. 
    2. This can also be used to increase voter turnout, as the organization can also ask the member to vote at that time as well.
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