Surfacing an Access Key

This article will bring you step-by-step through the process of surfacing a voter's access key in order to allow them to vote. You would want to do this if your voter has not received their email notice, for example, or if you want to cast a vote on behalf of a voter who cannot access a computer. 

To surface and share an access key:

  • Click on the election's name in your "All Elections" page to be brought to that election's "Results" page.  
  • Find the associated voter by entering their email address into the search box of the voter list (you can also search by their ballot ID/SMS/Name/Postal address if using those features)
  • Surface the access key. To surface the access key, check the checkbox associated with the voter whose access key you'd like to surface, and then from the drop-down menu that appears, click on the "Show Access Key" link:

  • Share the access key with the voter by emailing it to them with your own email program, or phoning the voter and sharing the access key - you just want to do this in a confidential manner. Direct them to From there, they will see the screen below, prompting them to enter their access key:

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