"Kiosk Mode" for Onsite Voting

ElectionBuddy allows you to set up a streamlined onsite voting process. It can be put into a "kiosk mode" that will allow you to easily do onsite electronic voting. Because it is electronic, this requires an iPad/tablet or computer with internet access. If you are running a paper-based onsite voting station, you simply need to provide a paper ballot (created either by yourself or by ElectionBuddy) instead of an electronic device, and then would need to input the voter's choices into ElectionBuddy afterwards in order to have the vote be included in the results tabulation.

Kiosk Mode for High-Integrity Elections

To set up your kiosk, take your electronic device and place it in a space that allows for a private, confidential vote. On a web browser (ex: Chrome, Firefox) on the device, enter https://electionbuddy.com/kiosk into the browser's address bar. This opens up the following screen:

A voter then types in their access key, which you would provide, and fills out their ballot as usual. However, in kiosk mode, the web browser will automatically refresh back to the above screen thirty seconds after the previous voter submits their ballot successfully. This means that you don't have to have staff manning your polling station to reset the iPad/tablet/computer back to the original entry screen!

The refresh delay can be adjusted with a small addition to the link above. Simply use https://secure.electionbuddy.com/kiosk?delay=45 to adjust the refresh time to 45 seconds, for example. 

Kiosk Mode for Medium-  and Low-Integrity Elections

Because Medium- and Low-integrity elections use access links that are unique to each election, the kiosk mode links must be created — you cannot use the High-integrity kiosk mode link for any other election. To create a kiosk mode link, take the access link you created in ElectionBuddy and add "/kiosk" to the end of it. 

For example: if your access link were https://electionbuddy.com/m/ebuddy/example, your kiosk mode link would be https://electionbuddy.com/m/ebuddy/example/kiosk. 

The refresh delay is thirty seconds, but this delay time can be increased or decreased with another small addition to your access link: https://electionbuddy.com/m/ebuddy/example/kiosk?delay=10. This would result in a ten-second refresh delay.

To set up your kiosk, take your electronic device and place it in an space that allows for a private, confidential vote. On a web browser (ex: Chrome, Firefox) on the device, enter the kiosk mode link you created into the browser's address bar.

Additional Notes, and Turning on Your Browser's Kiosk Mode

Please see our related article on  surfacing an access key for instructions on providing your voters their access key. Using the access key on behalf of the voter would be how you would input the voter's choices if you were using a paper ballot instead of an electronic device for your onsite station.

You can also set up your browser to be in a kiosk mode so that voters can't navigate to other sites. Below is a list of some reference points for doing this in different web browsers, but we recommend doing your own internet search for this information. If you have any questions or problems with getting your browser set up, please contact the support desk for the browser you are using, and not the ElectionBuddy support desk. 

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