Duplicating an Election

Maybe you ran a test election that went really well? Made a mistake when running an election, and need to do a re-run? Or maybe you run the same election annually, but just with different candidates and voters?  Duplicating an election is the quick, convenient way to continuously re-use election setups, so that way you don't have to ever re-build your elections from scratch. Here's how to duplicate:

  1. Log into your account, and go to your "All Elections" page to see all your elections listed.
  2. Find the election that you want to duplicate.
  3. From the "Actions" menu, located to the left of your elections' name, select "Duplicate" to easily and quickly open up a new election setup, with all your previous elections' information available for you to edit!

There are a few things to note about duplicating an election:

  • You will still need to proceed through each step of the election-building process, but all of the information from the previous election's setup will be available for you to edit and confirm the accuracy of. If this is an annual election, there are bound to be small changes from year to year, so it is important that you proceed through the election setup very carefully, even if you've duplicated it.
  • You cannot duplicate a previous version's election into the new version; you will need to manually re-build previous version elections in the new version. 

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