Sharing Results With Voters

Results can be shared with voters in two ways:

Results have to be visible to your voters in order to share them with your voters. Please see Election Results — When They are Visible and Who Can See Them for more details on voter results viewability.

"Results Link"

  1. From the "Actions" menu of your running or completed election, select “Results Link”.
  2. A window will appear. If you have allowed your voters to view the results, you should see a link in the top part of the window. If you haven't allowed your voters to view the results, there will be no link in the window. The lower portion of the same window will allow you to change the setting so that way you can access the results link. 
  3. Copy the link. This shareable link can be sent via your personal email program, or included on your organization's website. Clicking it will allow your voters to come to Electionbuddy to view the results.

"Send Results"

This option can only be used if your election utilized email and/or SMS notices. The following instructions will refer to emails, but please note that the process is exactly the same if sending an SMS message instead.
  1. From the "Actions" menu of your completed election, choose "Send Results".
  2. A window will appear. Choose "Schedule Email Result".
  3. Edit your email template as required, and pick a date for the email to be sent. If you want to send it out right away, simply type "Now" into the send date field.
  4. Click "Schedule" to save your changes. The email will go out at the scheduled time.
  5. After scheduling the email, you can preview, edit, or remove it prior to it being sent.

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