Sharing Results With Voters

When your voters will be able to view the results does depend on the settings you have chosen during your election setup; please see our related article on  when election results are shown, and who can see them for more details. Results can be shared with voters in two ways

  1. Results Link
    1. From the "Actions" menu, select “Results Link”, and ensure the link to share the results is shown.  The link will start with  If you don't see a link, click on the "show results" button.  If you do not do this, your voters will see a 404: Page Not Found error. 
    2.  Copy the link  This link leads the voter to the election results page allowing voters on your voter list to view the election results.
    3. This shareable link can be sent via your personal email program, or included on your organization's website. 
  2. Send Results
    1. SMS and/or email notices must be used in your election setup to send a results email or text message. This option is only available if your voters are eligible to view results.  To verify, from from the "Actions" menu, select “Results Link”, and ensure the link to share the results is shown (as per
    2. From the "Actions" menu, select “Send Results” to schedule and send an email or SMS message with the results link to your entire voter list. These are sent and scheduled like reminders.
    3. . Click "Schedule Email Result" to schedule and send an email with the link to your results, or "Schedule SMS Result" to schedule and send a text message with the link to your results.
    4. Edit the template as required and enter a send date. Editing capacities are based on your usage of Advanced Notice Customization in your election setup.  For more details, see Advanced Notice Customization — Editing Notices, Reminders, and Results Templates
    5. Select "Schedule" to save your template edits and schedule the results notification.
    6. After scheduling, The result notification can be viewed by clicking "Preview" . You can also remove or edit the template prior to the notification being sent. 

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