Adding Multiple Administrators to One Electionbuddy Account

You can add multiple administrators within an organization and allow all the administrators to access the organization's elections. This also allows the incoming administrators to have access to your account privileges and payment options. To access this feature, you must have an annual account with us.

The following process must be done for each new administrator you'd like to add. 

1) Setting Up the Incoming Administrator's Account

Prior to adding new administrators to your account, you must create an ElectionBuddy account for each new administrator. You can do so by logging out of your own ElectionBuddy account, and then visiting

  • Fill out the form to sign up your new administrator.
  • The organization name you use when setting up the account must be different from your own or else they will not be able to be invited to join. 
    • You will delete this name after adding the new administrator to your account. 
    • We recommend you use an acronym for your organization as their organization name. That way, they are technically using your organization as their organization as well, but you can differentiate them, and then you will be allowed to add the new administrator successfully.  For further details as to why it must be different, see the details at the bottom of this article.
  • Choose their email address and a temporary password for the new administrator. Document the temporary password, as you will be sharing it later with the new administrator.
  • A confirmation email will be emailed to the new administrator after successful creation of the account. The new administrator must confirm their email address to use the account; after 24 hours, the account will not be accessible until the account email address is confirmed. 

2) Adding a New Administrator's Account to Your ElectionBuddy Account

To add a new ElectionBuddy user to your account:

  • Login to your ElectionBuddy account.
  • Select the "Organizations" link (located in the top menu bar).
  • Select the "Edit" button next to the organization you'd like to add another administrator to.
  • Choose "Add Administrator".
  • Add the email address of the administrator.
  • Choose the type of administrator (i.e. the level of permission you want them to have): Election Administrator or Organization Administrator. Both types of administrators can see all elections associated with the specific organization that you are inviting them to join.
    • Election administrators can create elections under your account. 
    • Organization administrators can create elections and also edit, add, or remove users  under your organization.
  • Test the log-in of the new administrator. 
    • When you create a new election on that new administrator's account, you should now see the organization name that corresponds to your main account as an option in the drop-down menu for the new administrator's account. 
    • Elections must be run under the main account's organization name in order to get access to shared billing accounts. 
  • Delete the extra organization.
    • When logged into the new administrator's account, hover over the orange box in the top-right of the top menu (across the top of the page).
    • From the drop-down list of options, choose "Organizations".
    • Find the organization name that you created for the sake of creating your new administrator's account, and click the "Remove" button to delete the organization.
  • Email the new administrator yourself with the ElectionBuddy log-in page (, their email address, and password. We recommend that you get the incoming administrators to change their passwords after you provide them with the log-in credentials that you have created. To do so, they can log into their account and go to their Settings (located in the orange box in the top menu bar when you log into your account). Alternatively, they can do so by visiting

After you have completed this process, the new administrator will be able to log in and create elections on your account. 

Why Your Organization Names Need to Be Unique

You can have multiple organizations associated with a single ElectionBuddy account, and each time you go to set up an election, you choose what organization you want the election to belong to on the "Details" page of election setup (you may not have noticed this before if you only have one organization on your account; you don't have to choose if you only have one).  

Organization names should be unique within user accounts so elections can be assigned to the correct organization. Furthermore, billing details are different for each account. So, if you have prepaid for an annual account, this also gives all the users attached to your organization the ability to use your annual billing credits. If a user signs up with the same organization name as your own, it makes it difficult to identify which organization has the prepaid billing credits.  

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