Importing Your CSV File

You must ensure that CSV file that contains your voter list values has the right header columns, and the values within each row of the file are properly formatted. If either of these requirements is not met, your file will not upload as the CSV uploader is very specific - it either allows or rejects the upload. To have your CSV file upload:

  • Ensure that each value under each column in your voter list is properly formatted, or you will have errors and not be able to proceed. For formatting instructions, see Voter List — Formatting Your Information.
  • One email or cell phone number per box or line is allowed.
  • ElectionBuddy provides you with a CSV template which has all the columns that are needed based on the voter settings. We strongly recommend using the template, as it will have exactly the columns needed in the upload and in the correct order. This template can be opened in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. To access the CSV template, select the link "CSV template" as per the red box in the image below: Alternatively, if you choose not to use the CSV template, the highlighted text in the image above indicates the information required for your voter list and the order that is required. Your Excel list should have the same number of columns as the ElectionBuddy list. Arrange your Excel columns in the same order and remove any extra columns. For example, in the example above, "ID" must be the first column and "Label" must be the second column. Please note that your voter list may not require all of the above information — ElectionBuddy will show you only the headers that you need to have for your election specifically.
  • The CSV voter information headers in your file must exactly match the template or column names above (i.e. the highlighted text in the image above). For example, if you're running an election with ballot IDs and email notices, your headers must be "ID" and "Email", including the capitalization of the letters in the column names.
  • If you have any data in the Excel sheet that does not fall under a header, then ElectionBuddy will reject your CSV as it will appear that a header is missing. 

Once you have formatted your data, and are ready to upload:

  1. During election set up, on the "Voters" page, scroll down to "Voter Information." 
  2. Choose "Import from a CSV file".
  3. Select the "Choose File" button, and select your CSV file.
  4. Select "Import"
  5. Wait a few minutes, especially if your voter list is quite large. You know it has worked if the voter list appears with all your voter information inserted in it; ElectionBuddy will tell you if the upload failed.

If your import failed, please review our help article Voter List — Formatting Your Information to ensure that your CSV file was properly formatted, or try copying and pasting your voter information into ElectionBuddy instead.

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