Copying and Pasting Your Voter List from Excel

Copying and pasting in ElectionBuddy requires the use of keyboard shortcuts — you will not be able to paste into the Electionbuddy voter list with a right-click. To copy:

  • For Windows users, press "CTRL" + "C" simultaneously on your keyboard.
  • For Mac users, press "CMND" + "C" simultaneously on your keyboard.

To paste:

  • For Windows users, press "CTRL" + "V" simultaneously on your keyboard.
  • For Mac users, press "CMND" + "V" simultaneously on your keyboard.
  1. Ensure that each value under each column in your voter list is properly formatted, or you will have errors and not be able to proceed. For formatting instructions, see Voter List — Formatting Your Information.
  2. After preparing your data in an Excel sheet as per the above, select all the relevant columns with your sheet. Avoid selecting any column headings (usually the first row in your list), and if you have columns that don't match the ElectionBuddy columns, it is easiest to remove them in Excel before copying. That way, you can select all the cells in Excel, and paste them once into ElectionBuddy, as opposed to selecting and copying a single column, pasting, and repeating for each column.
  3. Copy the cells that you have selected in Excel using the keyboard shortcuts as noted above.
  4. Open ElectionBuddy, access the voter list table, and using the keyboard shortcuts, paste the copied list into the upper left cell. You don't need to select all the cells, just the upper left one.
  5. To review your list, select or click outside the field.
  6. Validate the data within the list by selecting the "Validate List" button.
  7. Scroll through the list to review for errors. Any errors will be highlighted just under the Validate List Button.


  • Only copy and paste the columns in excel that match the columns in ElectionBuddy.
  • See the example below for a 2 column copy and paste of ID and Email:

    In the above ElectionBuddy voter list, your spreadsheet should have data arranged with your ID information in the first column, and email information in the second column, with no heading rows. 

  • If you have errors and your list has a lot of rows (>100), instead of fixing the list in ElectionBuddy, it is easier to edit your Excel list and copy and paste a second time.
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