Combining Write-in Candidates/Nominations in Your Results

ElectionBuddy automatically stacks write-ins/nominees if the names provided for two or more write-ins/nominees match, but what if a voter makes a spelling error, or identifies a write-in/nominee with a name that otherwise does not exactly match another write-in/nominee for the same candidate?

Write-ins/nominees can be combined directly in ElectionBuddy to allow you to stack the votes if you know a write-in/nominee for a candidate matches one that is already present. 

If you combine your write-ins/nominees before you export the results, the report that you get will reflect the adjusted tally. Therefore, stacking the names prior to exporting the results prevents you from having to manually combine and re-tally.

In the example below, a write-in has been cast for John Smith, and Dr. John Smith.

  • These are the same people, so their votes can be combined simply by clicking and dragging on the double-arrow symbol next to Dr. John Smith's name:
  • ElectionBuddy then dynamically re-tallies your results based on the names that were combined.

If you accidentally stack the write-in/nominee on the wrong candidate, clicking on the link symbol that appears next to the stacked candidate's name will un-stack them and revert the tally back to what it was prior to you stacking them.

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