Remote or Onsite Voting

On the "Details" page, you have the option of selecting one of the following:

The choice you make on this setting currently does not define the ElectionBuddy features that you have access to, or how ElectionBuddy will function. It will play a role in ElectionBuddy's onsite functionality, which will be furthered in the near future.

Remote Voting

Remote voting is when a voter can vote from anywhere, at any time, during the defined voting period. This is the classic scenario that ElectionBuddy was designed for — voters receive an email or text message to vote, and can vote at home, at their office, in line for coffee, etc.. Remote voting can also include physically mailed ballots as well as electronic notifications. 

Onsite Voting

Onsite voting is when a voter is expected to meet with other voters at a certain place and time to vote together in the same room. A typical example is an Annual General Meeting. Another example of onsite voting includes voting at a Board meeting. It can even include in-person voting in a classroom. Voting can be conducted electronically or with paper. 

A Combination of Both

Some organizations now include both a remote voting period, as well as an onsite voting period, to assist with achieving quorum and threshold. The voting can be conducted by any combination of electronic and paper. Many organizations will do an electronic and/or mailed ballot approach for the remote portion and cut it off at a certain point. Any further voting can only be conducted at the meeting, and if the electronic voting ended with the finish of the remote voting section, the voting done at the meeting is usually on paper. The paper results are then manually combined with the electronic results.

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