Election Results — Changing Your Voters' Ability to View the Results While Your Election is Running

During the initial setup of your election, you may have accidentally selected the incorrect setting during the "Details" stage with regards to the viewability of your election results for your voters. For more information on these settings on the "Details" stage please see: Election Results — When They are Visible and Who Can See Them.
 With that said, don't worry — after your election has started you will still be able to update when your voters will be able to see the election results. To update this setting:
  • Log in to your account and select the election's name to be brought to the election's "Results" page. 
  • Select the "Actions" menu that is located in the top right.
  • In the menu select the button "Results Link."
  • A window will appear. On this window, you will see a replica of the Voter Results Viewability Setting that was present on the "Details" stage of your election setup. This setting works the exact same way: simply choose the viewability setting that works for you.
  • Select "Save" to keep your changes. 

If "Anytime after voting starts" is greyed out, as it is in the image above, that means that the election administrator viewability setting is set to prevent the administrator from seeing the results until the election is over — it doesn't make sense for your voters to be able to view the results if you can't!

When the results are viewable to the voters, the results link will be present in this window, as shown above. The link can be taken from that window and inserted into an email, or on your organization's website, in order to share the results with your voters.

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