Reporting Groups

Reporting groups allows you to summarize the results of your election according to various demographics within your voter population — for example, if you are a national-level union, you could set up reporting groups to get results by State and Local. You can include up to three reporting groups per election. 

Setting Up Reporting Groups

To set up your reporting groups:

  1. Go to the "Voters" stage. 
  2. Select the "Reporting Groups" checkbox.
  3. Input your reporting group title. The page will refresh after you finish typing. Once the page has refreshed, you will see the name of your reporting group reflected in your voter list headers a little further down on the page.
  4. To add another reporting group, select the "+ Add Reporting Group" button. Once you have set up three reporting groups, you will be unable to add further group fields.
  5. Please note that, unless you are running an election with voter anonymity selected as "Poll" or "Show of Hands", you will be required to include at least three voters per every subgroup. This is to help maintain the integrity of your election, as it prevents you from being able to know how your voters voted.

    However, when testing reporting groups in a test election, you will be able to proceed with fewer than three voters per subgroup because of the limited voter list size!
  6. After creating your reporting groups, scroll down to view your voter list. It is now time to input your voter list via copying and pasting or typing, uploading a CSV, or importing a voter list from a prior election.
  7. For each reporting group column, you will be required to provide a subgroup for each voter. You must have at least three voters per subgroup in order to validate your voter list and proceed through the rest of your setup; otherwise, you will reach an error and be prevented from proceeding:
  8. A subgroup is the smaller group within the larger group. A larger range of subgroups will get you more specific data, but be cautious about making a lot of subgroups that will have low voter totals, as not only do you need to have at least three voters per subgroup, but also at least three voters per subgroup need to vote in order for the results to be displayed per subgroup. Again, the purpose of this is to prevent you from being able to discern how your voters have voted.
  9. Once you have finished setting up your voter list and have validated it, proceed through to the Review page of your setup and get your election started.

Downloading Results for Reporting Groups

Once your election has closed you will be able to download the "Grouped Results". To download the group results:

  1. Head to the "Results" stage of your election.
  2. Select the "Results" tab option. 
  3. Select the "Grouped Results" button. This button will automatically download a CSV containing your grouped results. 
If you have weighted voting enabled for your election, you will have the additional option of downloading a weighted results report, listed in a drop-down menu:

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