Organization Meeting Page

Your Meeting Page is the page that voters will come to after they complete a Meeting Vote by clicking the "Next Vote" button on the Confirmation Page. It is where they wait for the next item to go up for vote.

The Meeting Page can be set up in advance of starting your Meeting Vote via the Organizations Settings Page, but you can also set this page up while you're building your first Meeting Vote.

Meeting Page Setup

Set up your Meeting Page in 1 of 3 places:

  1. The Organization Settings is accessed via the top-level menu when you are logged into your account:

    You will see all of the organizations that you own. Locate the name of the organization that you are running the meeting voting for, and click the "Edit" button for that organization. This will open the Organization Settings.
  2. Via the "Edit and Preview" link in the help text that appears when you select "Meeting Vote":

  3. Via the "Edit" button next to your organization's name:

In all cases, a window will open that allows you to make the same changes that you can make via the Organizations page.

Organization Settings

  1. Edit your organization's details as follows to assist voters during the meeting:

    - Name — Add your organization's name. Ensure is spelled correctly, as it will be displayed exactly as entered in this field.

    - Organization Logo — if your organization has a logo, add it! This logo can be displayed throughout the electronic voting process, including on your Meeting Page, and optionally on your Ballot, Verification and Confirmation for each meeting vote in your meeting.

    - Organization Key — this key comprises part of the access link that your voters will visit when they are voting on motions. We suggest using the "short name" or acronym of your organization for the Organization Key. If you don't customize the Organization key, A default, random key will be created for you. You can use the randomized key, but customizing the key to make sense for your organization makes it easier for voters to use the link and is way more familiar.  For example, if your organization acronym is "ABC", change your Organization key to "ABC" as it is easier to understand than "AIDN13JO".

    - Meeting Page Instructions — add a message and/or instructions that your voters will see on your Meeting Page.  These are typically used to guide voters to the next ballot, or to provide instructions on how to get assistance during the meeting.  They are available if a meeting item is ready for voting, or if there are no meeting items that need to be voted on. 
  2. Once you're done editing these fields, save your changes
  3. Preview your organization landing page by clicking the "Preview" button.

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