Virtual Conference Platform Integration

When conducting a virtual meeting, you and the meeting participants use ElectionBuddy concurrently with your virtual conference provider. This could be Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet just to name a few.

The most common way users use ElectionBuddy with their virtual meeting is using our feature called MeetingVote. MeetingVote can streamline your agenda while ensuring high integrity votes with certifiable results in a few easy steps:

  • Voters receive credentials by email or text message prior to the meeting and register to establish and record your quorum, in conjunction with your virtual meeting.
  • When you open your voting, ElectionBuddy provides a link into the virtual conference chat window that your meeting attendees will click on to register and vote.
  • Voters vote to approve motions, bylaws, and fees and elect board positions and you can easily amend motions and share those as well. After voting, voters are guided back to the video conference window to carry on the business of the meeting.
  • You share results automatically onscreen in your virtual meeting window after each vote and receive an auditable, certifiable voting record.

The reason Meeting Vote is integrated, yet separated from the video conference interface is to meet the following voting needs that video tools don't typically manage:

  • High Integrity Vote Recording — administrators manage and record voting on motions or agenda items.
  • Secret Votes — administrators can know who voted but not how they voted. For more information, please see: Voter Anonymity Settings.
  • Easy Voter Registration — ElectionBuddy emails, mails, or sends a text with information to access and enter their access key and password.
  • Motions as Easy as 1-2-3 — administrators can manage any number of motions during the meeting.
  • Tailorable for any Vote — including auditor and fee approvals or board position elections.
  • Selective Voting — you can virtually meet with everyone but allow your voting delegates to vote.
  • Vote in One Place — the administrator can share a link to a meeting page where voters will wait for the next voting item.
  • Voter Weightings — to reflect condominium size, shares owned or member represented (eg. a delegate receives votes based on the size of the chapter, local, region or faculty). For more information, please see: Weighted Voting and Cumulative Voting.
We have also seen administrators use ElectionVote within their meeting if they are able to have all items on the same ballot. For information on selecting the right type of vote for your use case, please see: Selecting the Right Type of Vote

For more information on setting up a Meeting Vote, please see: Meeting Vote — Voting and Setup. If you have more than five voting items or have more than 350 people voting in your meeting, please contact our Sales team for Meeting Vote pricing.

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