Multiple election administrators is a feature we offer to organizations that have an annual plan. Please contact us if you need to upgrade your plan.

Open the Organizations page from the main menu and select Edit for the organization to which you would like to add an administrator.

In the Administrator section of the Organization settings, you can an additional Administrator. If you do not see the button, your account does not have the feature enabled.

Enter the name and email of the person you would like to add to the organization. You have two types of administrator roles from which to choose.

  • Election Administrators: can create, edit, and mange elections

  • Organization Administrator: in addition to Election Administrator permissions, can also manage other administrators in the organization.

If new administrators don't have an existing user account with ElectionBuddy, you will see the status of their user account. When the new administrator has configured a password, the status message will no longer appear.

You can remove the administrator at any time. The administrator will retain their ElectionBuddy user account, but will no longer have access to your organization.

If new administrators already have ElectionBuddy accounts, they will receive an email informing them, that access has been granted to your organization.

If you would like access to multiple administrators, please contact and one of our election experts will help.

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