The answer is pretty simple - it's way easier to click on a link in an email or SMS (text) message and vote from your couch than it is to take a trip in a car and vote in person! Voters are more likely to participate because they have the option to participate when it is convenient for them.

We have found that email and SMS elections increase response by 30-40% on average. This makes ElectionBuddy great for student elections or associations and organizations with a widely dispersed membership.

You can even remind voters who haven't voted to vote with a few clicks of your mouse, making it extremely convenient to help encourage increased voter turnout at the election administrator level, too!

Another key way ElectionBuddy can help you increase your voter turnout is through its' capacity to run multi-channel elections. A multi-channel election is one that utilizes a variety of notification methods to reach out to your voters, in an effort to increase the chance of connecting with each voter, and moving them to action:

  • For example, if you were to run a multi-channel election using SMS and email notices, you may catch those voters who have email addresses but don't check their inboxes through SMS notices, and you may redeem those voters who delete their SMS notice, but still have an email notice waiting in their inbox.

  • ElectionBuddy also offers electronic and paper notice solutions. An electronic notification method, combined with a paper notification method (for example, postal notices) helps you reach two potential (but, if existent, usually firmly divided) populations of your voters: those who prefer the convenience of the electronic method, and those who aren't comfortable with using/don't know how to use technology.

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