You can add an unlimited number of organizations to your ElectionBuddy account. To see the list of organizations associated with your User Account, select Organizations from your personal menu.

Adding an Organization

Select the +Add Organization button below the list of organizations, and enter the required information for your new organization.

The new organization will inherit the Billing Settings of your primary organization. If you need a different billing arrangement please contact our support team at

Editing an Organization

To edit a specific organization, select the Edit button associated with the organization you wish to edit.

Organization Details

Basic information about your organization is located in the Organization Details section of the editing screen.

In additional to descriptive information about your organization, this is where your organization's Key and Logo are updated.

Organization Key: The key is used to create custom URLs for your voters to access the Meeting Page and ballots for elections running in this organization.

Organization Logo: The logo can be used optionally on ballots for your elections. You can choose to include on specific elections.


Your billing account details are displayed here in addition to the Billing Page accessed from your Personal Menu.


If the billing account for your organization is configured for integrations, you will find IDs, keys, and tokens in the Integration section.


Accounts that are enabled for multiple administrators, will see the list of users associated with the organizations in the Administrators section. New administrators can be added by selecting the +Add Administrator button.

Meeting Page Details

Each organization is provided with a Meeting Page for running elections during a meeting. When MeetingVotes are activated, each MeetingVote will appear on the Meeting Page for voters to access.

There is only 1 Meeting Page per organization. The Meeting Page can be continually updated and re-used.

Removing an Organization

To remove an organization select the Remove button associated with the organization you wish to remove.

A warning will be provided before removal, as all elections associated with the organization will be removed along with the organization.

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