Votes run on ElectionBuddy prior to April 30, 2017, have been deprecated. Deprecated votes are stored on the previous version of ElectionBuddy, which is no longer accessible to the public.

If you ran votes on ElectionBuddy prior to April 30, 2017, you'll see this notice at the bottom of your Dashboard:

Requesting Your Data

If you need data from a vote you ran prior to April 30, 2017, you can contact our Support team to ask us to retrieve it for you.

Please include the following information with your request:

  • the email address or username associated with the previous ElectionBuddy account; any changes to your account in the new version of ElectionBuddy aren't reflected in the deprecated versions

  • the name of the vote you want the data from

  • the type of data you're requesting (e.g., results, candidate list, voter list, etc.)


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