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Organization Meeting Page

How to set up and customize the meeting page

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Your Meeting Page is a central page from which voters access the various votes that are presented during a meeting. The Meeting Page can be branded with your logo and a custom Welcome message can be displayed.

Voters will await the availability of each motion, amendment, or candidate position on this page. After voting, they will be automatically redirected to this page to await the next vote.

Meeting Page Content

The Meeting Page can be in 1 of 2 states: votes running or awaiting voting. Different content is displayed to voters based on whether votes are running.

Votes Running

Awaiting Voting

Meeting Page Setup

The Meeting Page can be set up in advance of starting your MeetingVote. Access your organization's meeting page from the Account Menu, by selecting Organizations:

Choose Edit for the organization you are using for your meeting:

There are two items for your Meeting Page that are used in other areas of the application and therefore are edited on the Organization Details tab.

  • Organization Logo: Displayed at the top of the Meeting Page.

  • Organization Key: Defines the unique Meeting Page Link distributed to voters

Edit the text for your Meeting Page and the method by which voters launch ballots in the Meeting Page tab. A preview of the Meeting Page is also accessed here:

Voter Access to Individual Ballots

The default settings allow users to click on a button to open their ballot. The name of the button is the same as the Vote Key that you set on the Notice Page of each individual MeetingVote.

For an additional layer of security, you can require voters to type in the Vote Key when opening their ballots from the Meeting Page.

Please see our other help articles on setting up MeetingVote:

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