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Ballot Design - Single Candidate Acclamation for Unopposed Candidates
Ballot Design - Single Candidate Acclamation for Unopposed Candidates

Approve or Reject a Single Candidate

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You may have a candidate running for a position, unopposed. You can use ElectionBuddy to ratify the sole candidate, and voters choose to either approve or reject the candidate. The option with the most votes wins.

Setting Up

  • From the window that appears, or by selecting the + Add position or question button, select "Single candidate for 1 vacancy — eg. ratify or acclaim 1 candidate”. If you want to see a sample, click the orange “Sample” link to the right.

  • Enter the position and candidate name as the “Question Title”

  • Enter the choices voters select (Example: Yes - I approve and No - I reject)

  • Select “Continue”, and the ballot question will appear

  • Adjust any Settings for the ballot as required. Example: Ask for Comments, or Allow Abstain.

  • Add any Question Details (optional). The button with a piece of paper in the top right is a great place to put a Candidate Profile Information. You can even upload a photo.

Here is an example ballot:

For any questions, please send us a chat using our Buddy Messenger in the bottom right of the screen.

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