ElectionBuddy's scored voting system can be used for creating survey questions. Follow the steps below for a successful survey.


Step 1: Create new question.

Add a new question of type "Surveys" from the Add Question window.

Step 2: Enter Survey Questions

When using a scored question for a survey, each choice for the question becomes a question itself. Add your question text for each choice in the scored question.

Step 3: Determine how many answers are required

ElectionBuddy requires voters to answer all question choices by default.

The default can be changed to a specific number, or a range of question choices.

You are able to change the minimum choices to 0 which effectively allows voters to submit their ballot without needing to answer the survey questions. This removes the need for an abstain choice on your question, but also comes with the risk of less voter engagement.

Step 4: Define answers for each survey question

ElectionBuddy provides a 1 to 5 scale from which voters will choose their answer. Change the number of possible answers, by updating range in the text boxes. A range from negative to positive number is also accepted. e.g. -2 to 2.

The scale can be further edited by opening the Edit Scores link, and changing the labels of the answers.

Step 5: Answer display options

Change the order in which the scores are displayed by selecting ascending or descending.

Enabling "N/A - not applicable" , provides a method for voters to opt out of answering a specific questions on the survey.

Scored Question Voting

Voters assign a score to each choice on the ballot by selecting the score from a drop-down list. In the case of a survey, scores are the answers to your survey questions.

Voters can select the same answer for all survey question by selecting an answer from the menu in the title area of the question.

Scored Question Results

The results are tallied for each question choice.

Click on the green information ( i ) to view the breakdown of votes for each choice.

Downloading the results will provide the same vote breakdown as provided in the vote-by-vote tab.

Switch to graphed results to see a visual representation of the scores.

How "NA" Scores are handled.
Selection of "NA" is not included in the score for each choice. For example, if two voters select score of "2", and one voter selected "NA" on the same choice, the total score would equal 4 (2 + 2) and the average score would equal 2. ElectionBuddy counts NA as a score of 0, and does not include the selection in the average score.

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